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It is a rainy day in Malaysia so I thought I would investigate why the salt water supply to the heads is not as good as it should be. I documented the process and took photos as I removed each of the pumps and cleaned them. You will find these in the photo section at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/amelyachtowners/photos/album/1980087538/pic/435662836/view?picmode=large&mode=tn&order=ordinal&start=1&dir=asc

AND: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/amelyachtowners/photos/album/1980087538/pic/744893983/view?picmode=large&mode=tn&order=ordinal&start=1&dir=asc

An interesting thing happened during the process. I pulled the repair kits that I had in my spares for these pumps. One set of repair kits was bought by the original owner and the second set by me. They were each purchased from SAV at Amel and they were identical. The problem was that they were not the correct repair kits. BeBe, #387 has Jabsco 31631-0094 PAR-MAX4 pumps. The kits supplied by Amel are for Jabsco 31630 series pumps rather than 31631 series pumps.

Fortunately, all I needed to do was clean out the debris from each of the pumps. It was a simple and easy job. More importantly, I did not break anything in the process!!!

Some of you have copies of my spares list. My spares Excel spreadsheet lists part Nos. 30682-1000 & 30617-1000 as the repair kits for the pumps...This may be true on an Amel produced before or after #387. However, #387 pumps require No.18920-9053 Service Kit, which is specifically for a Jabsco 31631-0094 PAR-MAX4 pump.

So I guess this email will have all of the SM owners scrambling to see if you have it right or wrong...but like I said at the beginning, it is a rainy day, at least in Malaysia.


s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387
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Well Bill, it is also raining here in Boston and it will rain all weekend. Thanks for the pix and info. I will be checking my spares but the current project is to get rid of the shrink wrap. Spring is finally here!

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