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I have a different method, I tie a line on the car and take it to the winch on the stbd side of the mast and crank it in until the outhaul line is really tight and then I lace the other end of the outhaul to the car.

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Tom and Kirstin,

BeBe, #387, cracked at the weld on the crossbar on the shackle. Since the crack would not cause a critical failure, the next time I laced an order with Amel, I ordered one. I believe it cost about 6 Euros.

If you do not already know this, the trick is getting the outhaul line very tight. It is difficult to explain, but you can use the outhaul motor to tighten the outhaul line. To see what I mean, with the outhaul car against the stop, momentarily press the switch to furl...you will see how to tighten the line using the outhaul motor.

Even when you think it is tight enough, you may find after a few days that you will need to tighten it again.

Hope this helps.

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> On the topic of "small job turns bigger", I recently set about replacing the outhaul drive line on the main boom. I discovered that the shackle has a crack in the crossbar. In looking for a replacement, I have come to learn that this piece is actually a standard Wichard shackle where the screw threads have been bored out (to allow for the unthreaded dowell which holds it in the car) and has been modified with a welded crossbar (from Amel ?). Anyway, I'm having one fabricated but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem/opportunity to learn ?
> Hoping one of you bought one a Westmarine for .79 cents recently.
> Tom and Kirstin
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