SM Water Heater and Bilge pump


Hi all. Hope you are gearing up for a great holiday season.

I just got back from the boat, having discovered another problem (isn't there always another one?). After finding the bilge pump running and no water being discharged, as described in earlier post, I turned on the fresh water pump and it kept running...looked down into the engine room and found water pouring from the water heater jacket....Damn. I've read posts about replacing the unit back to 2002, and it appears that you have replaced it with either Isotemp Basic 40 or QuickNautic Boiler models. One exception was a Force10 unit that had to be trimmed a little to get it into place. It sounds like a number of you have had problems with the heating element in the Isotemp units, but I'm not hearing anyone talk about problems with the Quick units. Now that you've had your new heaters for a while, does anyone have any other comments that you think might sway me one way or another?

Just for Information, I found that the bilge pump on SM243 is a Scandvik Model 98001 24v 8A PAM ELECTRIC DIAPHRAM PUMP. It has an 8 gal per minute (480gal/hr) capacity. It sells for ~$1400! I have asked Scandvik about availability of the parts I need and an exploded view parts list which I will post when (if?) it arrives. I'd still like to hear if anyone else has had a problem with the screws that retain the flapper valves rusting away completely so that they are not replaceable without drilling out the old screws and replacing with larger ones. I'm not sure if previous owner replaced the valves using non-stainless screws or if this is a common problem.

Thanks for your thoughts, and happy holidays.