Shore Power Cables

Craig Briggs

Hey Kent,
Sailing south you won't need the heaters - problem solved :-)

I'd guess the 110v feed is an add-on by the former US owner of Kristy, not original Amel, correct? What wattage are you drawing on your heaters - many are in the 1800w range. Sounds like you've got more than one - two would present 3600w which at 120v gives you the 30A limit of your cable - no wonder it's hot!

If you need the heaters until you go south, can you run a separate additional 110 line out to the dock for one of the heaters? ... or get a 220v heater?

Seems you really needn't rip into the Amel wiring at all.



I have recently had an electrical survey done on KRISTY (SM243). There were two issues that the ABYC electrician found that concerned him. First and most important to him is the size of both the 220v 50A and the 110v 30A the shore line cables. He says that the wires are warm to touch, and particularly the 110A cable when the cabin heaters and a few cabin lites are on. He understands the difference between US and European 220, and says it's more important when you are using US 220 since it's really two 110 lines instead of one 220 line. I'm sure that Amel has researched this thoroughly, and I have never heard of an Amel catching fire due to shore power connections, so I'm inclined to trust the boat as wire

He is also concerned about the number of wires connected together at a number of places on the boat and feels they should be on busses with no more than 2-3 wires connected to each post.

I wonder if insurance companies based in the US require insured vessels to follow ABYC standards to be covered. I wonder what you all have to say about these recommendations? If I'm going to follow them it's going to cost a lot and needs to be started right away to be finished in time for my passage south.

Thanks for your thoughts.