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Hi Danny,

You are right, the Jabsco 50890 comes in 12v and 24v versions, can be run dry, 5gal/19L/minute and primes to 3 meters. Can be purchased for as little as $170-$225 US. Only restriction is 30 minutes continuous, but at twice the capacity of the original you would still be ahead running it part time in an emergency. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically

My experience with the original PAMs or whatever they are called(my boat came with an original and a complete spare) is that the flopper valves stop sealing. The rebuild kit seemed to do poorly as well, I have fashioned my own out of a gasket material that uses 2 layers, a rubber seal and a more resilient layer of plastic? and it works better. I also think you can just drill different holes if you needed to replace the screws that hold them.

I have also witnessed Richard's macerator pump and it seems to work very well and is super compact.

Great to see you back home!

Brittany de la Mer

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Hi Kent
Jabsco make an electric diapragm bilge pump that can do the job well, just get several spare joker valves, thats about all that goes wrong with it.
Regards from Danny and Yvonne on Ocean Pearl SM299 now in her home port of Mangonui New Zealand 

Danny and Yvonne

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Thanks for that advice, John.  I've already had a fitting for the mizzen foil made and one for the forestay that are nicer than the originals.  This is a plastic housing that I'm going to try to repair by drilling out the old rusted screws and either replacing with bigger ones or filling with epoxy and redrilling.  If that fails I'll probably replace it with a macerator pump a la Richard Piller since I don't have time to get the new part from Sandvik before shoving off.  If that happens, I'll order the part and carry it as a spare or 2nd bilge pump when it finally gets here..
Hope you have a great holiday season.

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Kent, As you travel around the world you will find that a machine shop is your best friend. They can fix anything and they can make anything. Take the broken piece to them, they will fix it in a few minutes. When We were in Brazil, I couldn't get my propane tanks filled because the fill fittings they had didn't match my tank. I borrowed  one of their fittings and took it along with my tank to a machine shop. He made me a beautiful brass fitting to connect the two together. $50.00. You will find it cheaper to have a machine shop make you an engine part rather then wait in a foreign port  and having to pay duty, customs, etc.   
In Cuba they can't buy parts for their 1000's of old 50's model cars and trucks, but they all look and drive like new, thanks to the machine shops.  John  "Moon Dog"  SM248

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Hi again, all,
I just got back on Kristy to do some prep for the trip south and discovered that the bilge pump isn't working. The flapper valves on the intake and output sides of the pump were attached to the inside of the pump head by screws that have rusted completely off, making it impossible to replace with new ones. I think I will need to get a new head for the pump but there are no identifying marks on the pump except "PAM" printed on a sticker on the pump head. I believe this is a Sandvik pump, but cant find it searching the web. Can anyone tell me what brand and model pump it should be on SM243? Has anyone replaced this pump with another brand and if so how much of a problem was it to mount in the engine room? Has anyone had the same problem with this pump and do you have suggestions for how to repair it?

Thanks as always for your replies.
Kenthey had t


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