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Hi Kent most hardware stores carry cartridge type filters and charcoal replacements. We put ours in two places one before the water maker and one to filter the water as it comes out of the tank which gives us clean Ordovician c free water to everything. It is easy to install.
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Richard Piller

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Hi, Gary,
Thank you, thank you, thank you. That really helps.

Does anyone know if there have been similar issues with the older 60 l/hr units like mine, or was this an issue only with the 160 l/hr units?

While I am stuck here at the dock, I will find a watermaker supply and see about installing a charcoal filter, an in line sensor (if the test you suggest shows that the sensor in my unit isn't doing anything) and clean with metabisulfite. If I find that my salinity sensor isn't shutting off the flow to the tanks I will talk to you about installing a cutoff switch to the solenoid.

Again, thank you for taking the time to lead me along by the hand, Gary. I love you folks on this forum.
Steady as she goes,

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Kent Robertson

Thank you John and Richard. I'm on it like a duck on a June bug. (-: