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Hi Duncan,
OPEN CPN is a navigation software, similar to those commercially available.
People have a prejudice against 'free' software.
In the present situation, the free software is simpler and more efficient than the commercially available others, - while i have to admit, Open CPN does not have the 'spare parts' management facility of ' Cap'tain', but... being able to record that i have two spare oil filters can be done otherwise ...
Download it, try it on your  computer - whatever version works for you - Windows', Mac or Linux and if you want to use it with Android, try it. I have not used it with Android, but I am advised it works. I would not be interested in what i consider 'gadgets', but if you like strolling the cockpit while listening to your favorite music and looking at a small chart showing the position of your vessel at anchor ... or at sea ... ( I recognise the tablet or telephone mignt be useful for a crew, uncertain of the ability of the skipper!)

This 'free' software works better with AIS...  certainly as good as MaxSea, in my humble opinion.

We have been told so eloquently that 'Santa does not exist' that we become unable to recognize that there 'still' is good FREE software... there is a colony - isolated in the cyber-never-landed floating world, that hopes, everything good does not have a financial price or is made commercially.

This is why I love sailors, most of them are ready to help without asking for a bankcard...

But do not repeat it to anyone, it might spoil the secret and the fun of being a 'pleasure' boat user...

Serge, V Opéra - Mango #51
Hi Serge,

Well, I am more confused than ever.  What is OPEN CPN? (is that Captain?)  I looked a the hyperlink to android and I might as well be reading Greek.  Is the Android only good for the small screen of a smart phone?

On Nov 29, 2011, at 8:52 AM, Serge Tremblay wrote:

While I have commercial versions of Captain and  MaxSea, I prefer  the software of OPEN CPN (free software) with the  C-Map charts i purchased with MaxSea.
I understand that OPEN CPN is available for Android:

Serge, V Opera , Mango #51
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Hi to all,
do you have some experiences with new navionics app. for I.TAP2 or Samsung Android ?
fair winds
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Hi Duncan, we have being running ENC charting software (very good and very cheap) with a GPS connection that has worked very well. We also use C-map for our chart plotter that has worked very well and has NEVER not put us in the right place. As to over lays with weather you can look at a number of GRIB files that will over lay... Once off shore it becomes a matter of how good you sat phone is. As SSB generally is to slow to get reliable information all the time. We like C-map as it has a higher level/density of depths and always puts buoy way points on the safe side of the buoy.

Good luck
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I know enought about computers to be dangerous. I have an Apple Mac OS-X, 4g processor and 8g RAM and a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 with 2.5g processor and 4g RAM. I prefer the windows system for day to day use, but the Apple would be an option to move to the boat as a photo/entertainment/navigation station.

All I have from my old boat is some Imray Isolare paper charts. I am thinking of adding so modern charts that tie to the Amel 54 system. I particularly like the idea of having weather overlay on active charts.

Any suggestion on makers of charts and how either of these systems could interface?


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