C drive alignment removal

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Whatever you do, do not let that guy cut the C drive casing!

Possibly you should consider another mechanic, because obviously this one hates the job he has at his hands.

I still do not know where you are. Pick up the phone now and call +33 (0) 546 55 17 31 and ask for Maud in After Sales Service.

Also, this may help...Go to this link: http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/MNvRT8hlwyhzJ1HBB3YY-uny5ehKEbzy-aAeXOBs413Y_iEveSc4_2cnOQo9EaMRx4PXHhNK_Airlm7pkrgWX9bsBqA/C%20Drive%20%26%20Propeller%20Shaft%2C/C%20Drive%20Super%20Maramu.pdf

This was a drawing given to an owner that needed to remove the C drive.

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Hello Barb,
There seems to be a bit of misleading advice in recent postings. my SM2K was delivered Jan 2001 and when we agreed the spec with Amel a year earlier I knew that Volvo was about to discontinue the model they were using. The excellent Volvo/Yanmar Agent in Opua had warned me about this and so I paid a substantial extra to get the Yanmar which came with a ZF hydraulic clutch/gearbox and this necessitated a different engine mount, shaft brake,etc.
I wanted to get the stronger Yanmar but Amel would not agree because, I suppose, they knew that the then C drive was not designed to take the extra power. Maud does not say when the upgraded C drive was standardised but it is certainly later than hull no 319.
As I understand it Kent converted to to a 110HP Yanmar using the original C drive and a bigger Maxprop and it seems that he did not get the ZF clutch. This combination would put very high loads on the drive shaft especially if changing from ahead to astern is done without a pause. This may be the reason why his drive shaft suffered fatigue failure.

Good luck, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM2K319, Malta

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Hi all,
We now have the Perkins M80T out of the boat. The Yanmar mechanic has struck a problem. He cannot remove the top of the C drive so he can take it back to his workshop and align with the new Yanmar gearbox.
He is talking about cutting the casing so he can get to it - but of course as usual it's up to me to decide.

Any advice as to how anyone else managed their alignment of the C drive to the gearbox would be appreciated.

We are installing a 75hp Yanmar 4JH4-TE with the ZF 15MV which has the 2.718 ratio.

Sueno Azul
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Hi all, have to agree Bill that this could be a factor. Recently I saw a "red line" SM out of the water. I understand these were among the last SMs built. The auto prop on it was much larger than mine so I would assume that it has the 110 hp engine with a drive train and propellor to match. Â
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I assume this is the root cause of the two recent C-drive failures.

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Hi all,
Just info for anhyone else needing to repower an earlier model Super Maramu - below info from Maud

After investigation we have found that you have the first version of cast iron drive unit and since then they have been upgraded and strengthened. Therefore the drive is not capable of taking a 110hp Yanmar engine.

The recommended power handling is 83 HP at 1000 rpm i.e.580 N/M.

We hope the information will help your mechanical engineer.

Sueno Azul
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