[Amel] Sharki roller furler Swivel Mizzen mast

Fisher, Thomas W.

Hi Gene,

I've had both mizzen and main swivels rebuilt. Getting them out of the mast is the work. Any machine shop will be able to rebuild/replace the units. There are bearings and seals inside that are easy enough to find. It was the seals that failed on our boat allowing water in and ultimitly corroding the bearings. I also had the machinist install a small grease fitting perhapes not needed but seemed like a good addition at the time. Good luck.

Tom Fisher
SHEILA, Sharki #142

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Subject: [Amel] Sharki roller furler Swivel Mizzen mast

Good day all,

Does anyone have a drawing or parts list for the Roller furler swivel mizzen mast?

Mine is in need of a rebuild.

Thanks in advance

Tom Whitehill

Hi Tom,

You mention "Getting them (the swivels) out of the mast is the work".

I'm at this point.

Would you kindly describe the steps you took to remove the pinion as that appears to be the final obstacle?

Also, did you have any significant difficulties getting the gears back in?

Thanks, Tom Whitehill
Sharki #123