Ian Shepherd

I should have also mentioned that my 12 house batteries lasted 7 years
before they died, which I attribute to the fact that they were
discharged 4-7% each night then fully charged every day by the solar panels.

Ian SM 414 Crusader

On 26/07/2012 08:08, Andy wrote:

dear all ,especially Maramu owners, we are debating the pro's and
con's of various positions for mounting solar panels on our Maramu
-the two favorites are horizontally over our soft Bimini or on port
and starboard aft pushpits / rails / stanchions - how many solar
panels ? We have been thinking ~200W to 400W. 32 - 36 cells - Are the
number of cells critical , or as there are so many other factors such
as shading, this point is over emphasized ?? Looking forward to your
knowlegable feedback. Thanks in advance , Andy