Amel logo - high quality vector drawing?

Amel Salvagny

In order to have two new logo made for the sides of my Santorin I need a high quality Amel logo - preferably a vector drawing in the AI, EPS or PDF format.

Does anyone have such an Amel logo file?
Or may be a really high quality photo of the Amel logo?

I have tried looking in the files and photo section of this group but didn't find anything.

If we can obtain such a logo file I have access to a professional foil-cutter and will thus be able to produce weather and sun resistant logos if anyone may need this.

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Hi, does anyone could send me (or share in "file" space) the Logo file? I need to replace stickers on both side and why not...print it on towels! The best would be have it in vector file...

redpassion2000 at gmail com

Thank you, Lorenzo

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Ian Park

I have just replaced the logos on the side of my Santorin.
I took a photo of each side and then traced the logo and letters on A4 paper. The old stickers stand out enough to do this easily. I took them to a sign maker who put them up on a computer screen, chose the colours and he printed them in stick on vinyl/plastic.
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Do you have high quality jpegs of the logo?

I'd like have may sailmaker add the logo to the mainsail and quite possibly I might add them to my coach roof.


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