[Amel] Diving Compressor setup

ianjenkins1946 <ianjudyjenkins@hotmail.com>

Hi Gary, I have just been reminded that the compressor is a Bauer. Ian

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Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 18:25:50 +0000
Subject: [Amel] Diving Compressor setup

Does anyone with an AMEL 54 have a diving compressor set up installed by AMEL on there vessel? If so, please provide me with some information as to whether you are satisfied with it? How long to fill a tank? Brand name of the compressor manufacture? Is it installed in the Lazaretto? And any other comments/opinions you may have.
Cost of the system? Does anybody have a Hookah (3rd lung) system on there vessel? Electric or gas?
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s/v Bozo Cinq #44


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