[Amel] lifting of SM

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Jean,

If Amel produced this type of clean uncluttered interior, they would have sold too many boats!!

Looks very nice indeed.

No Amel yet..

On 15 Jan 2013, at 03:46, jean Paillardon wrote:

My boat name is "Too Much" (SM #366). I did some alteration inside the boat.

Click on http://www.nathape.com/res/Marz2012MalaysiaThailand/20120815sytoomuch360.swf to visit ...

Too Much or not Too Much ?!

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Patrick McAneny

Jean, Great design and craftmanship, not too much in my opinion. Did you do
the design and work yourself?

Good Job,

Pat SM Shenanigans