[Amel] Battery bank problems SM with 13 batteries

Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

Hi Eric.
If you speak with any battery expert they will tell you that the battery charger must be no less than 10% of the amp hours of the bank you wish to charge.

AMEL. Never intended the 30 amp charger to be anything more then a trickle charger at the dock when the batteries are topped off the start with. If you try to top off discharged batteries with the 30 amp charger what has occurred with a rather large number of Amel owners is the charger overheats cooks its internal regulator and never shuts off the result being cook battery bank.

In today's world of smart chargers buy one 120 amp charger and can the 30 .
Capt Richard Piller

On May 22, 2013, at 16:18, "eric" <kimberlite@...> wrote:

On our trip home from St Martin last week, we discovered that most of the liquid in all the sealed maintenance free batteries had boiled off. I did not realize that under the labels there are plugs where water can be added. In any event all the house (12) batteries
have to be replaced.
We have a 175 amp alternator and 30 and 100 amp Dolphin chargers.
I spoke with Dolphin and they said that the 30 amp charger is too small for the bank and it probably cooked the batteries as it saw the bank as always needing a charge. I plan on having the alternator checked and then speak again with Dolphin when I install the new batteries.

Kimberlite usually is in a marina somewhere and plugged in with the 30 amp charger running.
Any thoughts on my problem?
Fair Winds
Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite