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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Thanks Alan,
sounds like you found a super boat.
I guess the underlying reason for my question was that battery changes may have been made without the commensurate alteration to the settings on the dolphin. Likewise that owners of lead acid batteries may not have been aware of the de-sulphation function and its benefits.

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Hi Danny,

I just posted a Doplhin Technical Note in the Files section that explains all of that.

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Hi All..
I have watched with interest the various discussions on the relative merits and pitfalls of various chargers and batteries. On the dolphin charger, behind the face plate there is a small dial numbered 0 to 9. No where have I seen reference to the different positions required on this scale that are required for different battery types.
Also I have not seen reference to the de-sulphation or sulphation recovery program for wet flooded electolyte batteries that is available on the dolphin, ( and other chargers too I am sure).
A friend of ours does this desulphation regularly and has got over 10 years life from his lead acid batteries. I claim no expertise at all in the matter of batteries and chargers, I'm just a careful user and believe we may have extended the life of our batteries by this method.
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