Outhaul Motor Help


Hi. Our outhaul motor was being temperamental. When opened up, one of the motor magnets was surprisingly found to be fragmented into several pieces, and beyond repair. We now need a replacement motor, or perhaps a housing with two intact magnets that we can slide the arbor and brushes into. We are in Mexico, with friends on their way from the US in two weeks. It is not easy to receive parts here via shipping and customs, nor to find a local electrical guy to repair the motor. Suggestions for where we can order a replacement motor or motor housing in the US is greatly appreciated. Also, I've been told that the motor is a fairly common truck starter motor, so with more perseverance we maybe can alternatively find one here. Or perhaps someone has a motor with a broken arbor, yet good housing and magnets, that they wish to remove and donate from their spares inventory? Thanks for all help and advice.

Scott and Diane

SV Ati
Amel Super Maramu #202