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More than happy to help Giovanni. We are currently in Townsville and are intending to head to Morton Bay Brisbane for the summer, but we will just cruise around the bay as there are so many great anchorages and handy shopping spots that you can easily spend a few months there. Then we will head back north for the winter. Hope to catch up 
Conn Williamson
Amel Mango, Jasmyn


We left Libertad on the hard at the Bundaberg Port Marina from Nov 2012 to June 2013.  All boats on hardstand survived the cyclone/flooding of that season with no damage. Boats in the marina were not as fortunate.  We had to request an exception for insurance coverage while there as Bundaberg is north of 24 degrees S.  Don't know if our insurance company would grant us the same exception now since the cyclone of last season...  I was told that Bundaberg hardstand is less expensive than Brisbane but I did not get quotes to compare.

We were generally pleased with the Bundaberg Port Marina as the staff is very friendly and helpful.  There is a chandlery at the marina and they happily make an effort to get you whatever you need but you may be astounded by the high cost (double to triple what we would pay in the USA).  The one complaint we had was the lack of services. There is no rigger in Bundaberg, so rigging work must be sent to Brisbane.  There is only one sail loft and because of that their prices are unreasonable.  General services (bottom paint, fibreglass repair, etc.) provided by the boatyard are performed by workers who are not as highly skilled as we've previously experienced so you should do the work yourself or carefully direct/monitor work being done.

Bundaberg town is 35-45 minutes from the marina but the marina offers a shuttle into town Monday-Saturday but you need to catch a bus back and this limits your shopping flexibility.

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Giovanni TESTA

Hi Conn & Colin,
sorry for delay, we are sailing Vanuatu and internet coverage is somewhere very poor.
Any way thanks so much for infos. May be next future I'll contact you for direct informations, please.
For now all the best and thanks so much
Sv Eutikia SM 428
Port Vila