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I just finished servicing the cables on our -87 Mango. At the rudder the bushings were filled with a white powder, that I asume is from some kind of corrosion. At the wheel end, the grease in the racks and the bushings were dried all out.
After cleaning and greasing it runs a lot smoother. I am glad to learn that it is standard cables though, and I will probably exchange them in a few years time.

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On my Mango  51, the cables lasted 19 years...
I hope that with the thin film lubrication that I have started, the cables will never break, but in addition when I touch the helm, I have a real feel for the pressure on the rudder. In fact I felt this immediately after the first lubrication made 5 years after the intallation of the new cables. That, in itself, was and remains a good reason for this lubrication..
Serge V/ opera

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Hello Graham,

that is good to know. But is there any statement about the expected lifetime of the cables ?


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I have a reply from Ultraflex regarding lubrication of the steering cable which confirms what I thought. By the way the same applies to the engine control cables, lubrication is not recommended.
 ' The cables are designed to have a lifetime grease with no additional lubrication required.'

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Thank you for responding. I thought the same thing but the owner's manual I have for the boat mentions periodic lubrication. Maybe it was lost in translation?


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Hi Dave,
Although it is a very long time since I used to install Teleflex steering systems I seem to recall that the cables are sealed for life and have a plastic/teflon type liner and lubrication was not recommended as mineral oils would damage the liner. There are no obvious lubrication points on our Ultraflex cables, so perhaps the same applies. I could be wrong though it is over 25 years since I last worked with them!


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Since we're discussing rudder cables again, I'm hoping someone can offer clues on lubrication points on a Maramu. I have not figured out how to lube the system.

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I believe Graham's explanation is very accurate and very clear. I would add to check quadrant tightness to the rudder post.

On Super Maramu #387, the quadrant is attached to the rudder post with a clamp and two bolts. We found that slightly loose bolts/nuts on the quadrant clamp allowed for 2-3" of helm movement.

How this helps you.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Fethiye, Turkey

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Hi Dave,
We had similar play in our system when we bought Zephyr. The cables are just standard Teleflex type steering cables, in our case Ultraflex M53 19ft F53, and are easily adjusted. At the rudder end of each cable you will find that the cable is mounted in the bulkhead with a circular threaded flange. Simply use a pair of pipe grips to rotate the tubular metal end fitting and adjust both cables equally to remove most of the play. If you go too far the steering with become stiff. We have less than an inch play and the steeering is smooth and free.
I hope that I have explained this well enough if not let me know and I will send some photos.

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Hello All
I have been reading old posts with regard to rudder cables hoping to find some information on the adjustment process. I have about 4 or 5 inches of free movement at the wheel rim before the rudder moves and this seems to me to be excessive

The Neco autopilot which I'm sure does not have the most sophisticated electronics by today's standards is easily confused by anything other than a smooth sea state and I wonder whether the aforementioned play is a contributory factor. Your thoughts please

I was happy to read in the posts of the system being able to work on one cable, let's hope it's never needed

David Worthington
Sharki148 Spirito Affine
Preveza Greece

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