Amel 54 Maintenance

Alex Ramseyer <alexramseyer@...>

Would you be willing to share your experience regarding the annual costs for maintaining an Amel 54?
If you own your boat several years already, it would be very interesting for me get the long-term picture, including major overhaul(s).
I'm thinking about buying a boat to live on it. If this is what you do already, it would also be interesting to know how much you repair yourself vs. external / paid work. I'm not the greatest mechanic on this planet (to put it in a friendly way) - so it would be intersting to get some insights on this aspect as well.
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Mark Erdos


I can't imagine there would be a huge difference in maintenance cost between
a 53 and a 54. The best place to look at cost is here:

Judy has done a phenomenal job of tracking every expense. Bill does a lot of
his own maintenance but you can add or subtract the areas you feel are not
pertinent. They also talk about the cost of cruising and pirates on a
podcast here:

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