[Amel] Re: SSB/HF Antenna Backstay or 23 Foot Whip?


The Amel philosophy regarding using a whip instead of a insulted backstay is
many fold. First, whips are more efficient in almost every possible
measure. Second, if the rig comes tumbling down (unlikely on a Super Maramu
unless the standing rigging is over 12 years old or you do something
incredibly stupid, I mean silly) you can still scream for help with the ssb
as you'll still have an antenna. Third, gentlemen are unlikely to grasp the
whip as they would the backstay when answering the call of nature at the
stern. The internal flesh burn that happens if you are holding the antenna
during a transmission is a horrible wound that can quickly turn gangrenous
when at sea and professional medical treatment is not readily available The
primary disadvantage is the coating on the fiberglass deteriorates after
about 10-15 years in the 35north/35south belt we mostly all voyage in and
causes decreased performance as moisture is absorbed. You also can catch a
really nasty itch if you grab this then deteriorated antenna from the
fiberglass shards that will transfer into your palm. Ask me how I know this.

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Terry and Dana,

I have recently looked at the same options for Cream Puff and asked a
friend who is an avid Ham Radio expert. His recommendation was the 23' whip.
He explained why but the jargon was way over my head. I just nodded and
smiled. I plan to get my Ham license so I can open up the other fequencies.
Based on his recommendation I plan to install:

Icom M802

Icom AT 140

Shakespeare 6390

I have found the lowest price on these items to be Hodges Marine
Electronics. I have purrchased from them before and they have excellent
customer service. I have no allifiation to them other than being a very
sitisfied customer.


SM2K #275