dinghy for a 54


I recently purchased Joel's 54, "Hollis." She is now "Spirit." I'm proceeding slowly with additions to Spirit, and one of the first additions will be an RIB. I've done some preliminary homework, and thought I'd see if any 54 owners had input regarding their choices of one, and their thoughts on what RIB was the best fit. I was interested in the AB Ventus, and wondered about fit. I will be back on Spirit in a week or so to measure the stern locker, but for now, I'll go with any input from other 54 owners.

Thanks in advance. Jeff Kraus

Mark Erdos



Welcome to the group. Congratulations on your purchase. I doubt if there is an Amel anywhere in the entire world that was  mollycoddled like Hollis. You have a fine Amel.


As to your question, sorry, I can't help. We have a 53 so, we are skinnier in the stern. I just wanted to welcome you to the group.



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