[Amel] Super Maramu rear bumper

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The bumpers belongs to us and Amber of Ljungen. We renovated them last winter (2012-2013). Ambers bumber had only lost here paint so that one was just sanded and then painted.

Ours was more damaged, cracks that we filled with Sikaflex (one that is both possible to sand and paint don't remember the number) and underneath there was a big piece missing. That hole was filled with a piece from a flat-fender, glued into place with Sikaflex. 

After sanding the bumpers were painted with Ovatrol Deco. They became as good as new. If you look close at ours you can see where the repairs was done, but not many comes that close.

S/Y Lady Annila, SM 232

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While looking at your hard bimini, I noticed a photo of two Super Maramu bumpers.

Can you tell me the story about these?

BeBe, SM2k, #387
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Look at our hard bimini and closure. Pictures in the album Lady Annila.

S/Y Lady Annila
SM 232
In Las Palmas.

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Hi Everyone,


I just put photos of my cockpit enclosure.  We use it all winter and in summer we leave the top from the bimini to the mizzen bar up as well to have better shade.  I'm looking to have a fibreglass hardtop made as it gets hot underneath and would be the ideal for solar panels.


Gerhard Hoffmann

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Lefkas, Greece


Does anyone know where we can find Owatrol Deco in Marmaris?

Thanks in advance for any clue...


Jim Anderson

I have been checking on the availability of  the replacement SM rear bumper / fender from Amel every 3 months. Maud now advises that they have come up with a solution to the paint problem and this item is now available. I ordered one. The price was Euros 369.60 without tax. Shipping to the USA was Euros 108.40 (weight about 22 pounds/9.2 kilos, 120x23x17CM)
SM384 Sirena Azul


I would like to add my solution for the replacement of the rear bumper for the Super Maramu:

I don't need a "bumper". So I decided to make a 100% copy of the bumper in GFK. We are located in Negros Oriental, Philippines.  Roland Palallos has done the exactly copy of the original one and it looks great. For the eyes, there is no difference, except that it is made in GFK instead of rubber. But for the budget, it makes a difference, because this "bumper" will never break again! If you are interested, Roland will do a copy by order for you. Below is his e-mail address. If you like to see pictures, go to www.nathape.com, set the language to your language and go to "Ship" and then press "Modifications to the NatHape". You will see the pictures. If you are interested to see other changes on our sailing boat, feel free to click on any register on that page.

Regards to all
Hanspeter Wehrli
SY "NatHape", Bonbonon, Negros-Oriental, Philippines

If you are interested in the "GFK-Bumper", please contact Roland Palallos directly under