Onan Generator 11kWa


I have an Amel 54 #128.
I have Always had problem with the impeller. I chenge it when I change oil every 200 hours and most of the blades are broken at that Point.
I Heard from one amel owner that Amel had recommened him to put in a waterpump Before the Onan, and it should start att the same time as you start the Onan. This is to help the Onan waterpump.
I had one guy changing oil and he tolled me that the water is running back so the impeller is dry when the engine start. That means it starting dry and of cource if that happende it is very natural that the impeller blades broke. But I can not belive that Amel has done such an installation.
Is it anyone else which have problem with the impleller to Onan?


Hi Kaj,

         I have 1500 hours on my Onan and never been able to get close to 200 hours from an impeller.

The best remedy I could come up with was to buy another pump and interchange pumps with a new impeller installed, making an iron rule to never run them past 150 hours. I have had no problems since.

I do have a Speed seal installed on my Yanmar raw water pump  I have found it to be an excellent product which has dramatically reduced wear on engine impellers.

Spare end caps and seals for the heat exchanger are invaluable.



SM 425




Kaj. we no the problem. Change every 150-200 hours.

Tinto IV