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I have made several enquiries with respect to off shore cruising Insurance associated with the Blue Planet Odyssey starting later this year in our hemisphere.  You can see the route and timing here.
Several companies (US based) have refused to provide  coverage outside of the normal West Coast American waters.
We have just received a quote from Pantaenius for both local and extended off shore (Pacific crossing) cruising.
The local prices are quite in line with what we pay today, offshore is outright expensive. $9000.00US p.a. South of the 10 degrees N and North of 47 degrees South with a large exclusion zone right across Asia.
Insurance is for full non depreciated value of the boat including contents. $6400.00 deductible on the hull.
My questions.
1. Is there a better way to insure our vessel for a circumnavigation?
2. Some advice coming in suggests we go without insurance at all. Just perhaps liability that is a requirement of most  marinas.

I know there are quite a number of members out there doing what we are about to and any insight would be gratefully appreciated.

SV Libby
San Diego



       Suggest you try Topsail daniel.groves@... they specialise in tailoring packages.

The problem with blue water is that as you get further and further away from professional help and parts, add to that the possibility of the boat having to be taken back to a port where correct repairs that will ensure the future value of your vessel are carried out.

There are a number of vessels lost mid Pacific every year and sadly all of this is reflected in the premium.

I am currently paying around US $4k to insure total value $500k that is about $1k less than normal as the boat is laid upon Mexico.

Your hemisphere will make no difference to a bona fide insurance company. Just beware that if you were to have a very serious claim then it will be settled within the jurisdiction and courts of the insurer.

Trevor Lusty

Seafever of Cuan





Maybe you should get a quote from: Mr. Geoffroy de LASSÉE - ASSURANCES MARITIMES de LASSÉE

 La Rochelle / Antibes / St Barthélémy

Tel : +33 5 46 45 46 45

They know Amel boats quite well and they usually have fair prices. Someone in this Forum referred him  some 3 year ago.

I recently had a minor accident with  the electric gangway, a bump against the dock. It turned out to be a 2000 euros repair! Almost what I had paid for insurance (3.182 Euros). Even without  pictures of the accident they reimbursed me in full. Quick and easy.  I am also very happy with Mr. Geoffroy de Lassée attention along these years. 


S/Y Atica- Amel 54

Alicante- Spain


Thanks Trevor and Roque, I will make enquiries with both and let you know what I find.


Terry & Dena


We have "Round the World" with DeLasse. They will insure US flagged vessels only if it has a home port that is not one of the 50 US states. Ours is St Thomas USVI. Our boat is insured virtually anywhere except US waters. Virgin Islands is not defined as US waters to them. The policy is great. Bill BeBe 387