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There is difference between the different Pantaenius offices. Try to get in contact with Pantaenius in Sweden, they usually is cheaper. Tell them that I recommended you to contact them.

Pantaenius works with different sailing areas and you don't have to pay for a whole year if you are in that area just a couple of months. The most expensive area is the Pacific, due to difficulty to ship spare and new parts.

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I have made several enquiries with respect to off shore cruising Insurance associated with the Blue Planet Odyssey starting later this year in our hemisphere. http://www.blueplanetodyssey.com/  You can see the route and timing here.

Several companies (US based) have refused to provide  coverage outside of the normal West Coast American waters.
We have just received a quote from Pantaenius for both local and extended off shore (Pacific crossing) cruising.
The local prices are quite in line with what we pay today, offshore is outright expensive. $9000.00US p.a. South of the 10 degrees N and North of 47 degrees South with a large exclusion zone right across Asia.
Insurance is for full non depreciated value of the boat including contents. $6400.00 deductible on the hull.
My questions.
1. Is there a better way to insure our vessel for a circumnavigation?
2. Some advice coming in suggests we go without insurance at all. Just perhaps liability that is a requirement of most  marinas.

I know there are quite a number of members out there doing what we are about to and any insight would be gratefully appreciated.

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