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Dolphin changed the chargers over the years that SM's were built. We added FullRiver AGM's 105 amp GRP 31 size to BeBe #387. I spoke with Reya, who makes Dolphin, and gave them model and serial numbers...they said no problem. I spoke to Leece-Neville who told me that to get the best life out of the AGM's I should remove the built-in regulator and add a smart regulator to the 175 Amp alternator. I bought the smart regulator, but never added it. It cost about $400 with temp leads to the batteries and to the alternator. I will sell it at a discount if someone wants it. We got 4 years out of the FullRiver batteries when 2 of them became weak. We replaced the entire set in Greece with Varta Freedom batteries.

I had to slightly modify yhe battery compartment for the FullRiver batteries. There is a photo in the photo section.

BeBe 387

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Has anyone installed AGM batteries in the SM? Are they compatible with existing charger? (maintenance free lead acid batteries were used so far) Can anyone recommend a brand? Size matters as we all know, it needs to fit under the bunk!
Any advice welcome.
Anne (on Guma)


Many thanks all for your help and advice. Because of cost and to avoid extra work, we have decided to buy 8 Trojan wet lead-acid batteries and we will make sure to keep them topped up (water and electricity wise).

Having said that, the electrician here in Gibraltar will come and inspect Guma on Monday to see if there are no other problems and might make us change our minds...