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Do you have 8 group 31 batteries?

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If you do not know the Peukert exponent, I would use may not be correct, but now that you know how to reset, you will be OK.


Charge the batteries until there are almost no more amps going into the batteries, then reset as described. You may want to have the batteries load checked to determine their health.


I recently bought a great new tool for BeBe...a digital battery tester. 


If you use batteries like we use batteries, you need more amps. We have 660 amps @ 24 volts...and sometimes it seems like we do not have enough. BTW, your fridge and freezer have an automatic cutoff when the voltage drops too low...could be your freezer problem.


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Good morning Bill,

Thanks so much for writting the manual!!!

I was able to download it!
Started to read it, this is exactly what I was looking for: Volt on 26.4, etc.
Does the Peukert Exponent matters much? I had trouble to find any info on my autocraft Deep Cycle Marine 27DC-2

Question: for the last year, I can see little by little I am able to charge less and less the batteries...
So is it good to "reset" so that they show 100% when they actually are charged at 75%?

Example my battery bank is 8 time 90 amp/hour /2 so 360 amp
Originally I was able to charge until the Ah would show "0", now it is showing -68.
So prety much I am able to charge at 298 of my 360 total capacity...


Can't say I am crazy of Bimini, might move on earlier to Freeport.

Hello to Judy! Sincerely, Alexandre

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Subject: [Amel] Xantrex Link 10 Battery Monitor - What you really need to know
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You requested information on the Link 10, but all
any of us were able to do is point you to the manual.
 I hate to say this, but the Link 10 manual is
probably the worst manual ever written by anyone. I assume
that a bipolar schizophrenic wrote the manual on one of his
worst days. 
I have written "Xantrex Link 10
Battery Monitor - What you really need to know" and
uploaded it to the files section. I think you and others may
find it helpful. To download the file, you may be able to
follow this
If the link does not work, go to the
files section and download it.

SM2k, 387Currently Fethiye,