ENO Cooker-parts diagram

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Click on the number of the part and it will give you the eno part number.

I found that they are distributed by force 10 in Canada phone number 800-663-8515

I spoke with brad- he was quite helpful

He said that the parts for the medium size burners are no longer stocked or manufactured.


Last time I had the stove apart, I had to remove it and take most of it apart to get under the stove top.

Is there any easier way to get to get under the top?



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BeBe #387 has a four burner ENO:




Serial 0074





On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 11:49 AM, Ian Shepherd <sv_freespirit@...> wrote:


Can anyone please tell me the model name of the ENO 4 burner cooker
fitted to the SM2000 around 2003? I am trying to order a replacement
knob. The name maybe on the plaque at the back of the cooker but I don't
want to remove it unless I really have to. I don't seem to have a manual.

With thanks

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