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This is not what you asked for, but, I am going to answer anyway. We had Ocean Marine davits which are made in Canada and available in the US and the Caribbean. They were terrible! We gave them away and had the holes filled when we had our solar arch built. We have dealt with this issue for 8 years in about 75% of the world's anchorages you will encounter on a circumnavigation, and we are both very happy with what we do...and yes we tried everything before settling on this:

My recommendations (for what they are worth)
If you want to raise your dinghy at anchor, raise it with a halyard from the Mizzen Mast. It is easy and you can use the electric winch. If you have a dinghy like our 3.2 AB, you will need to rig a 3-point line to the dinghy.

If you want to secure your dinghy for a passage, lift the engine to the rail using the starboard side mizzen halyard through the block at the end of the boom on the mizzen. With the dinghy free of the engine, move the mizzen boom all the way to port, secure it against the mizzen stay on the port side. With the starboard mizzen halyard free of the boom block, use the electric winch and lift your dinghy and lay it upside down on the mizzen deck...tie it to the rails on the mizzen deck.

If you want to go short distances in calm seas, pull the dinghy behind you.

We added a solar arch which allows us to lift the dinghy...but we only do this while at anchor when we want to lift the dinghy for security reasons.

Hope this non-answer helps.

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Hi all!

We need to buy dinghy davits for our Amel 53. I would appreciate your recommendations, particularly for those brands that are available in the US.

Many thanks and Fair Winds!
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