Looking for 12 batteries AUSTRALIA

Giovanni TESTA

Hi Mike and to all,
I'm looking for 12 batteries to replace old ones.
The boat is now at Bundaberg Port Marina AUS and I have a lot of problems to find 12 batteries to well place into our battery room.
More local shops don't give me prompt and professional support.
So I'm looking around ( now I'm at home, Venezia, Italy) to find or AGM ( better) or wet ( as my old ones). So please which is your opinion about TROJAN SCS 200?  Problem with their sizes( over all for hight ) ?
More please to all,  any suggestions to find here a good batteries store ( Brisbane,Bundaberg,Gladstone) ?
Thanks in advance to all
Giovanni TESTA
Bundaberg Port Marina

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To add to the info from Gary Silver ref Peukert Constant, I am using Trojan SCS 200 batteries. The Peukert Constant is 2.22

Mike Gough,

SM 378

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Hi Giovanni, dimensions for the SCS200 are at: http://www.trojanbattery.com/pdf/datasheets/SCS200_Trojan_Data_Sheets.pdf

Our SM 378 is the 2003 model and those 12 batteries fit perfectly. The ones in there now were installed Sept 2011 and are still OK after approx. 40% connected to shore power. (less cycles). Do I like these batteries? So far so good, I had one fail but it was easy to replace as it is a common size. I hope to replace the bank with the same ones when we reach Singapore next year. (currently in Fiji). Sorry I cannot advise the best shop to go to, perhaps try your luck on the internet.

Best of luck

Mike Gough


How come you need 12, I can only fit 8 plus the engine battery. Up till now I have used Powersonic 12volt 110amp AGM batteries, available from their store in Yatla south Brisbane. There are other brands, one escapes me now but I did find they are available from Wynnum near Manly in Brisbane. If I cannot get down for a replacement, the batteries are available online, as long as you know what you want. I also found some suppliers with deliver for free or at very reasonable charges. TW3 is on the hard there at Bundy, we return next month, when will you be back yourself?

Barry and Robyn
Tradewinds III SM #171


I found the brand I was looking for and available in Wynumm. I have not purchased any yet, I will look at it further when I return. They are RITAR RA12-120SD and is a AGM Deep cycle battery with 10 years floating
design life, Like everything else these days, they are made in China, URL:www.ritarpower.com so you can check out their specs.

Best Regards
Barry & Robyn
Tradewinds III SM #171

Mark Hayden

When we were in Australia in 2012.  We purchased 8 standard 12V batteries from Batteries Direct (info@...).  The pricing seemed good; they were able to provide batteries from the USA (the Australian manufactured batteries didn’t match the size); they delivered the batteries to our boat at a marina in Maloolaba.  We have been pleased with the batteries performance.  I don’t know if they sell the golf cart batteries you are looking for.

fair winds, Mark