[Amel Yacht Owners] Differences between SM types?


There were literally hundreds of changes to the Super Maramu during its production run of 479 boats spanning the years of 1989 through 2005. I just sailed  SM 53’#477, a 2005 boat, 1300+ miles, bringing her up to Lauderdale to sell from Saint Lucia. I was reminded what fantastic boats these Super Maramus all are. After owning two Super Maramus myself and having sold over 150 of them, new and used combined, I can add enthusiastically that all Super Maramu’s are, well, Super. Some are just a bit more super than their earlier sisters. SM2000 and Millennium are the same boat. I called the boats Millenniums for the North American market as there was negative Y-2K buzz aplenty on this side of the Atlantic regarding the coming apocalypse at midnight December 31, 1999 and I didn’t want any association with the “2000” daffiness. The Redline edition featured a red rub rail and waterline bootline stripe instead of the previous dark brown. The curious fiberglass floors, most of them French Blue, replaced the teak veneered plywood in the saloon in all of the 2000/Millennium versions.


The main difference between the earlier now called “Classic” Super Maramu’s and the later 2000/Millenniums is the configuration of the galley  and the location of the fridge and a top loading clothes washer kinda dryer instead of the front opening version. and a Yanmar diesel, although some of these things were on the last several Classic boats built as well. I could break it down even further but I have bored you all quite enough. When selling these boats, I can bring either that far away look or even tears to the eyes of my clients with hairsplitting trivia on the variations between seemingly similar examples.


Buy the best one you can find for your budget. Total budget, done and ready, is the most important thing to have a strong handle on.  


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Dear all,


Can anyone link me to information on the web or describe the main differences between the Amel Super Maramu boats that I see in the ads? I'm particularly interested to know the main differences between the Amel Red Line, SM2000 and “normal” SM. Also, is "Millenium" just another Name for the SM2000 or was this a special edition?


Thanks a lot, Alexander




Hello Joel, we are looking into buying a SM2000 and would really like to know the differences between the red line edition and the regular. I find it difficult to find details about the Amels online and I am not familiar with using the yahoo group. So, no, I would NOT be bored about  hearing ALL the details about it! Thanks so much!!