Eno Stove rebuild and parts availability



I removed and cleaned, rebuilt, and replaced old/worn parts on the Eno stove. I am sure that you are aware that it is out of production. I was successful in finding parts for a rebuild of our Eno 4 burner stove at www.socal.co.uk

I purchased the following:
Burner caps: 
Burner pots: 
Be sure to get these Burner Fixing Stud and Screw (set of two studs)...1 set for each burner...the old ones break easily: 

Electronic Ignition:
Plastimo Cooker Spare Electronic Ignition Unit 6 Outlet 

We also purchased new burner knobs and a new oven knob.

The above website index does not work well...you cannot search on part number and you cannot get good results searching by part name. It took me a while to find these parts. They have more parts such as knobs, burner tops, etc. 

If you get frustrated with trying to find the part you need, I suggest that you email Peter"at"socal.co.uk, with a photo of the part, Brand and model of the stove,
and possibly dimensions...something like this: Eno 4 burner stove produced 2002, 
100mm black porcelain burner cap with two holes...see photo."

You will find lots of instructions that I documented in this album: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/amelyachtowners/photos/albums/20069970

BeBe 387

Alan Leslie

I've just posted the parts list - diagram and numbers for the ENO 4 burner Bretagne.



SV Elyse SM437