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Ann-Sofie Svanberg <kanalmamman@...>

Very nice done! What a good idea!

But we can't figure out the lock solution. Can you post a better picture on that?

Annsofie & Jonas
S/Y Lady Annila. SM 232

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I have just posted photos of our new security system for the companionway. As you can see the feature can be used both when leaving the boat as a extra strength to locking the companionway and when inside the boat if you want air and wish to leave the companionway open but feel you are staying in perhaps a potentially unsafe anchorage.
Arcglow in Almerimar (Spain) can be contacted by email, arcglow@..., if anyone is interested.

on Guma


If you look at the photo showing the bottom part of the companionway you see a hole was drilled and a metal tube put in the wood, in there you slide the pin that you see where the tail of the Amel arrow is (on the same photo). At the top of the companionway you slide downwards the curved metal part that is at the back of the arrow head (see that photo) You do both actions at the same time.
Then at the back of the tubing you put your lock and nothing can be moved upwards anymore so it is all nicely fixed in place.
Keith (Guma)