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I was going to ask , if putting a lower and a higher hole would  be a good way to go. I think it makes sense. What type or weight of grease should be used?  Thanks, Pat

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I use hex head nylon bolts instead of stainless no corrosion with the aluminum.
When i tapped the holes i put a lot of grease on the drill bit and the tap and cleaned it frequently and re freased. The metal is not very thick. I drilled one hole low and the other high on each gearbox. I insert the grease with the autoprop adapter. I believe it is 5 mm. i put the grease in the lower hole and wait till it comes out clean on the highter one.
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Hi All,
Hi all,
Adding grease nipples to all furling gear housings is a priority on my to do list. I like the idea of having 2 stainless steel bolts with the same thread as the grease fittings, one on each side, tapped into the housing. I would insert the grease fitting only when adding grease. This would allow me to open one side and fill the other. When the grease is oozing out, then I know I have a full gear housing. This approach, I think, would eliminate any excessive forces on seals as grease is being pumped in.
My question is to those that have done this. How did you contain the metal fragments and prevent them from entering the housing when tapping the housing for the fittings? Or, am I over thinking this?
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Mark Erdos
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Too true, Eric. I, like John Hollomby, have an affinity for the Sunbeam Tiger, built by Jensen in West Bromwich in England. They had a Ford V-8 made in Michigan and the only way they ever leaked much oil was when installed in this English chassis. Must be the air…Rovers are invincible if a bit leaky. The zerk fittings work very well and I would urge you to make this fairly simple modification. You’ll be glad you did.   
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Hello Eric,
If you did not act on the advice to fit a grease nipple and another removable machine screw to let the old grease and metal waste escape when forced out by new grease then you ought to do so urgently before the bronze gear wheel finally wears out altogether. I did after I stood in the fore cabin and heard the horrible grinding noise whilst Anne furled. It vanished after I added new grease and thus forced out what little remained of the original grease. The same applies to the mainsail furlers.
                      Good luck,     Anne and John,  Bali Hai,  SM319,   Malta
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Thanks Joel. 

This reminds me of when i owned land rovers and specifically my old 1967.  "When you didn't see any oil leaking from your land rover it meant that you were out of oil"

How difficult is it to take the furler itself apart and repack it.  There are lots of talk about putting Zerk Fittings

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