Surveyor in Crete.

Germain Jean-Pierre <jgermain@...>

Hello Amel Owners,

After years of reading every thread ... and saving my dosh, I am now in a position to buy an early SM.  I've located one in Crete and I want a locally based person to complete the survey... reduced cost!!

If issues appear, I would sail the boat to Emek to get the work done.  (I've learned a lot from reading your collective adventures, including where the good boat yards are located)



Maria Geiger

Hello Jean Pierre,

Congratulations for thinking of buying an Amel SM.
We have a SM and now we are in Göcek where we are doing some work with Riza (Arch, solar panels,rigging, etc etc...).
Emek marine is specialized on fitting Amel boats in particular for circumnavigation. We are really pleased with the work he and his team are doing, very professional and organized.
I will suggest  to contact him for questions you might have before you will buy the boat. 

Riza Cagdas
Emek Marine
+90 2526452468

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Maria Geiger