Interior Finish and brass lamp refreshing SM


Has anyone found a product to refresh the varathane interior finish on a SM?  Also, the clear finish on my brass Amel lamps has failed.  Has anyone renewed the lamp finish.


Stephen Davis

Hi Tango2

 Might be too late to help you, but for future readers, we had our Amel brass salon lamps re-laquered. They were really badly tarnished and also had big pitting black blops all over the metal that couldn't be polished out by normal human means. Half of the switches were broken so the lamps couldn't even be used. Plus, the lamp shades were all dirty amd many were torn and looked really bad.

I sent the lamps to Baltimore Brassworks BRASS GIFTS AND RESTORATION


 They were shipped back to me about a month later (+/-) and looked gorgeous. He had sourced new 24V switches and wanted all of the lamps to match, so replaced the switches on every lamp after re-lacquering them. He also repaired a broken shoulder on one lamp: one of the two arms that attach the nody of the lamp to the wall-mounting plate had broken off where it joins the lamp.

While the lamps were out at the lamp-dermatologist, I re-did the lampshades myself. I removed all of the old paper and rusty peeling paint from the frames and repainted the frames. I cut out new covers from acid-free paper-backed canvas that I got at a local scrap-book and craft store. I glued the new covers on and then trimmed the seams with a thin burlap ribon. They're not perfect, but it was my first time, and heck, they looked a lot better than the original ones that were either torn up and repaired with scotch tape, or had had WD40 sprayed on them inadvertently. 

The re-lacquering and switch replacement cost about $75 for each lamp including shipping if I recall correctly. I remember thinking that it cost a lot less than buying a new lamp that probably wouldn't have been as good a quality. 

I'm posting before and after photos in an album I'll call "brass lamp re-lacquering."

We love our new, old lamps,

S/V Aloha, SM#72
Currently a couple days from Annapolis.


Liz, Thank you very much.  Maybe Rebecca and I can grab a look at those lamps in Annapolis.


Aras Grinius <n33077@...>

I have my lamps at Baltimore brass works for the a re-do too. I expect them back in about 3 weeks.
I met the owner and he does a very fine job at restoring these lamps.