Anchor Chain for Super Maramu 243


Sorry, but I couldn't make the search engine work for me.  I know that there are some prior discussions about anchor chain sizes and quality, but I can't find them.  I'm ready to order some new chain for SM243 and would like some info about sizes, quality, etc.  I can find nothing stamped on my chain.  It measures 10mm diameter, links are 50mm long and 34mm wide.  I don't know if it was the original chain supplied by Amel or if it was replaced

When I look on line, I see many different descriptions which I guess signify size and quality.  I have seen something that says BBB means "bend before break".  I've learned that Grade 40 (also called G4) is high tensile strength, and Grade 30 (B3) is a popular grade for less money but with less strength than G4.  "Proof" "coil" chain is not manufactured to the same tolerances as BBB and isn't as good for use with windlasses.

HT for high tensile that the same as G4 (or G43)?  ACCO's G43 comes in a "Domestic" high test chain and a "Boatman's" high test chain.  I'm looking primarily at ACCO since that seems to be what's advertised the most for marine anchor chain, but I see only two reviews and both say their chain rusted very quickly and they wouldn't recommend it.  Everything I read says "hot dipped" galvanized is recommended for marine use.  Is standard BBB chain what Amel supplies, or should I get the higher Grade?

I'm seeing widely varying prices for what seems to be the same chain.  Price is $4.47 at, $4.72/ft at West Marine and, and almost $8.00 at GoToMarine and Jamestown Distributers.  They have the same ACCO number 410140602.  Am I missing something?

The "nominal" specs for ACCO's 3/8" (10mm) BBB chain are slightly different from  what my chain measures.  

ACCO nominal inside length 27.7mm vs my chain 30mm, ACCO nominal inside width 15.3mm vs my chain 13mm.  How close does it have to be to work properly on the windlass?

If anyone knows where this thread is and can direct me to it, I'd appreciate it.  Otherwise, does anyone have any suggestions?


Kent (Rusty) Robertson