File Upload issues: Leece-Neville adding a smart regulator


Two times this morning I tried to upload a PDF file and get errors. I am not sure why...the first time with Chrome, the second time with IE.

I will continue trying to upload the file: Super Maramu Leese-Nevile alternator rewiring to fit Next Step smart regulator.pdf to: Files>>Miscellaneous 

This is a file with instructions and photos by Alan Leslie, s/v Elyse (SM437) of changing the Leece-Neville 24V alternator internal voltage regulator to an external smart voltage regulator.

If you need this and do not see it uploaded in the next two days, email me at bill"at" for a copy.


BeBe 387


Andrew & Kate Lamb

I would be interested in this document to compare notes - I did the same thing two weeks ago with the Leese-Neville alternator and a sterling digital 24v regulator - I also took some pictures - It was a very simple modification as the Sterling regulator leaves the existing regulator in place and just connects to the field wire - so the installation was just a case of identifying the field wire (greatly helped by a diagram from this site) attaching to this and hooking up to other wires - no wires were cut and nothing removed.


Ronpische SM472

Alan Leslie


I tried to upload the file also and each time I get "an error occurred..."


SV Elyse SM437