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Peter Forbes

My Amel 54 - like, I think a number of others, has only the one pole, not two. So the downwind sail technique must be to use the Yankee poled out as a whisker pole on the windward side and the Gennaker on the downwind side. I have not yet tried this as I have been mainly sailing upwind North West in the Mediterranean. 

Is there a better downwind sail set for a 54 with only one pole?

Peter Forbes
Carango  Sailing Ketch
Amel 54 #035
Gouvia Marina - CORFU, Greece

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Good to hear from a sail maker on this issue...

Besides all of the rigging and such on the Para Sailor that seems problematic to me, is it the load that you believe is a potential problem?

I happen to be a fan of the twin pole system for crossing oceans. It has amazed me the number of owners that have never, or rarely used it. My guess is half of the people that I have talked to believe that it is too much trouble, or too complicated to rig the twin pole system. And, rather than sail downwind in a straight line, they will jibe back and forth. Of course cruising is not racing, but arriving sooner is usually better, as far as I am concerned.


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Acceptable or not, the Parasailor is a solution in search of a problem. If your 54 is set up with twin poles you already have a far better arrangement for downwind sailing installed. And if you don't have the poles, there's several more economical and imminently practical solutions. Just my .02.

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I would be very interested in any advice as to whether a para sailor sail is acceptable on an Amel 54.

Peter Forbes

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