To all Amel 54's - Lower Shrouds Main Mast

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Whilst awaiting replacement shrouds a strong storm hit Easter Island which forced the lower shrouds to completely fail. Obviously had ropes all over the place but the continues battering snapped one shroud then few hours later the other on the other side. 

Unfortunately the storm was not over which lead to the mast morphing into a S shape, this is usual before complete failure of a mast. Luckily this did not occur and was able to straighten it out when the rigger arrived with replacement shrouds, it would hold for the second half of the Pacific crossing but at a snails pace. 

Once the repairs was done this was when the rigger had a look at the current setup and he believed that certain shrouds, and turnbuckles were not sufficient for the potential forces exerted from the mast and sail size.

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I do not understand what you mean by your mast "morphing" Can you detail what happened to cause you to need to replace your mast? Do you know what might of been done to prevent the problem?

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As of yet the bills have to be totaled, the mast is still being prepared after which it will have to be shipped!

Best is to upgrade when you see it opportune!