Genoa Furler Identification


Hi all,
I've taken my genoa furler off and dismantled it for powder coat painting.  I need a new knob that is used to pull and secure the pin for manual furling.  I've written Amel and sent them a copy of the drawing posted on this site ( It's #17 on the drawing), but they say that's not a good enough identification.  There aren't any model numbers on the posted diagrams, but it doesn't look like the whole page was posted???  I've sent them a pic of a similar furler that was posted on this site but they say they can't open it.  ??????  They want a model number or some other identification, but I don't remember seeing anything on the furleras I was dismantling it.  Does anyone know the model of their genoa furler from a boat built near my 1999 SM#243?  Could someone send me a couple of pics of their furler if they don't know the model number?

Pretty frustrating.




Hello Kent, If you are still looking for a knob, I can help you. I am going to take a picture of this part on a SM. If we speak about the same part, I will probably be able to delivery it. We keep in touch. Severine Karinteam