[Amel Yacht Owners] Light Air Sails / Bow Sprits and attachment points

Alexandre Uster von Baar <uster@...>

Hello Terry,

Mine (SM2K #289 now NIKIMAT) came with a removable bow spirit installed by the (long term) previous owner.
As I mentioned previously for the staysail, he is in my opinion a very knowledgeable sailor, own several Amel including Mango, Santorin, SM2K and currently Amel 54.

During our various discussions as much as he admitted the "staysail" never really met his expectations...
He clearly said adding the Spinnaker was a great addition, easy to install and also providing more point of sail than the ballooner.
The spinnaker sail is stored in the same locker as the ballooner (I put it below it), also in a bag.

I personally never used the spinnaker. But I just took some pictures of the (partial) set-up.
As you will see, I added the 2 dyneema shackle to go around the big forward cleat.
I believe this is a good solution, if that cleat can hold the anchor, then it can surely be attached to the bow spirit.
I purchase dyneema lines, which when I use the removable bow spirit will tie around it and the forward cleat to avoid lateral move of the bow spirit.

At the top of the mast, there is a ? (forgot the name in English) like a block to raise the halyard of the spinnaker. Unlike the one for the ballooner, it is outside the mast.
Just like the Mizzen Ballooner, the spinnaker is in a sock (from http://www.atninc.com).
Also there is a block at the tack that allow to raise and lower the tack.
Some of the internet being down in Nassau, I couldn't browse for the video on their site, but there is/was one.

Note from the (long term) previous owner: using the removable bow spirit only give a couple of degree more.
He really suggested, for the first time to use it without it and attach (somewhere on the bow) (I will have to look for the notes).

Note: Last year, trying the ballooner for the first time, I made the unfortunate mistake to twist both halyard (spinnaker and ballooner).
This was a stressful experience resulting in the ballooner falling into the water, then the halyard for the genoa breaking down...
So should you go with this rigging, make sure the spinnaker and the ballooner halyards are free from each other.

Anyway, pictures of the set-up

Sincerely, Alexandre
Bay Street Marina, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas.


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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Light Air Sails / Bow Sprits and attachment points
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Date: Thursday, September 11, 2014, 3:02 PM


Good day, I would like to get an idea
of how many Amel owners have retrofitted their boats with
light Air sails and of more interest how often are they
used. I am specifically referring to Spinnakers, Code
Zero's, Gennakers etc. My wife and
I are preparing for an extended cruise across the Pacific
and hopefully beyond. We have the factory standard Headsail
Balooner and Mizzen Balooner. Anything upwind of the
Balloners useful work angle seems to be a gaping hole with
respect to light air.The other area of
interest is how the sail tack is attached to the boat. I
have no faith that the bow roller has the strength to serve
this purpose. Considering adding a separate bow sprit
attached to the deck or hull.
Anything that can be shared would be

Terry&DenaSV Libby
#196San Diego

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Thanks for the information Alexandre. 

We are considering a custom sail that is a hybrid cruising light air sail that is a cross between and Genoa and a spinnaker. The net result is a light air sail that can be used in (close to) close hauled to deep down wind angles.
The real hang up is how to attach this sail to the boat. It will sit on a Selden CX25 furler.
We have a couple of riggers looking at Libby trying to figure out a mounting point outside the pulpit but have no good solution as yet.

SV Libby #196
San Diego