Fresh water pump

Maria Geiger

Here I'm back from Tenerife, almost ready to cross the Atlantic.... Mid- December....
I have a problem with the fresh water pump:
Pump: hydro mini it works very good but the problem is that some times it doesn't stop working... We have tune up.... Works for a while then... Continues working...

Did you have sometime same problem? Do you have any solution? The pump is new :)

Nice winds,


Derick Gates



Have you looked at your one-way flow valve?  If it is faulty and allowing back-flow of water, then your water pressure will be immediately dropping and the pump will come back on very quickly.  Alternately, the pressure sensor switch may need adjusting - it may be set too high and the pump cannot reach that pressure.


Just a thought...




SM2K #400 Brava

On the hard in Antigua

Jim Anderson

On the factory fresh water pump on SM 384 I found that if the battery voltage is allowed to drop too low that the pump will not shut off automatically.