Powder Coating the Jib Furler , Source for new seals

Kent Robertson

I finally got my freshly powder-coated jib furler back from painting.  The paint job looks great (but they painted the wrong part gray...I'll have the only Amel with a two-tone furler).  I'll report how the paint job is holding up.

When I started to put it back together, I found a lot of the powdery abrasive they use to blast the old paint off in every nook and cranny, and found it embedded in some grease that hadn't been removed.  Especially in the main gear housing there is an opening between the two large ball bearings that is very difficult to get to that was full of old grease with the abrasive in it.  I spent nearly 3 hours cleaning the housing completely to prevent any of this abrasive from getting into the new grease.  The final step was a soapy bath and blow-out with air compressor.

I purchased the new seals from TruSeals in Denver, CO.  Their phone is 303 292 1955.  Email Rob: info 'at' Truseals 'dot' com.  Here are the part numbers:  Specify Stainless Steel springs.
90 x 110 x 12TC NBR (Item 9011012TC) w/ SS Spring  $12.73ea.
55 x 75 x 10TC NBR (Item 557510TC) w/ SS Spring  $9.55ea.
40 x 52 x 07TC NBR (Item 405207TC) w/ SS Spring  $8.82ea.

The 40mm ID 3mm dia. O ring came from McMasterCarr.

I have 4 spares, so could send someone a set at cost if you need them.

I was unable to find a replacement for the large rubber seal between the motor housing and the gear housing, so cut a new one out of an old truck inner tube.

Pics after I get it remounted on Kristy.

SM 243


Hallo Kent,

did you exchanche the bearings of the jib furler top swivel too. I have to refurbish this part too.
Does somebody have some drawings of the jib furler gear and the jib furler top swivel??

Best regards
SY ASHIA, SM2k, #357