winterize in water

Hi all, the temperature is starting to go below freezing here in nyc. I bought 10 gallons of pink anti freeze from west marine to flush the seawater out of the engine and run thru the water heater and fresh water lines and pumps. I will also use some in the toilets and pour the rest in the bilge. This is my first I missing anything???? Has Amel printed an official checklist in it's owners manual ? Any advice is welcome other than going south for the winter.
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Gaffney, Drew <drew.gaffney@...>

There are many posts on the subject for details.
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Water maker; don't forget the float tube for the flow gauge; colums, pre-fliters, lines
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Are holding tanks empty?

Cold weather owners can probably add details.
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Annsofie, Drew, Richard, Thank you all so much for your responses, hope I correctly drained and anti-freezed  everything but will not know until spring...Thanks again.