Monel is not stainless steel

Olivier Beaute

Hi Kent,

I confirm AMEL used aluminum rivets with steel core pins. The steel core pin purpose is only to draw the aluminum back and set the rivet. Some steel pins don't stay and may be found dropped inside the foil. They are not supposed to give any additional strength to the rivets. For the pins which stay in the rivets, the silicone filler will prevent rust from developping (especially at the breaking spot).

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Bon Jour Olivier,
I hate to keep beating this horse, but I'm still not certain about the rivets for connecting the forestay foil to the furler.

You said to use silicone to prevent salt water from getting to the steel core of the rivets.  I have found all-aluminum rivets with a shear strength of 600 lbs, or aluminum rivets with a steel core of 700 lbs.  I assume from your email that Amel uses the aluminum rivets with the steel core.  Can you confirm one last time?

Thanks again for helping us out.  I hope one day that I will get to meet you and treat you to dinner and a bottle of wine....

Bonne Annee!
Kent Robertson
SM 243