Satellite communication - Fleetbroadband 150


We have an Inmarsat Fleetbroadband 150 satellite system for phone calls and internet connection.
The Small Vessel Plan we have is 112 USD a month including 5Mb of datatraffic, if we need moore it is 21,96 USD a Mb.
Phone calls to any land number in the world 0,70 USD/min and to mobile devices 0.97 USD/min. (related to a mobile phone rate this is very good)

My question is, if you have a Fleetbroadband 150, what kind of plan do you have? Which provider?

/ Annsofie & Jonas
S/Y Lady Annila, SM #232


I changed to Inmarsat FleetBroadband Pre-Paid Small vessel Plan. So I activate my fleetbroadband 150 only  the weeks, when I am on the  boat. I charge  via internet , my provider is   GlobalTelesatCommunications  in England ( ) but I also contaced a company in US.
I choose this company, because  you can  ad for a few money the REDPORT-Optimizer - very usefull to make a protection between SAT-phone and  computer . You will find more informations on web ....
I only pay once activation fee,  buy a voucher  for 60 days, use it , renew , prolong or loose it.
You may make your calculations with the rates  on the website.
So I use all my units until I leave the boat. The next weeks, there is no  charge. Activate via internet for
the next holiday works well, you  buy a new  voucher, no extra activation fee.
Fair winds Wolfgang Weber      SY ELISE  Amel 54 # 162  Marina di Ragusa/It



Sv Garulfo


Just wanted to follow up on this conversation to find out if you still have the same arrangement for satellite phone airtime and what your feedback is.

It seems that Pre-Paid Small Vessel Plan is now only available to existing customers and no new SIM cards are issued to new customers.

For those who have the standard plan (25MB) -monthly, do you have some feedback on usage? For example, is it that enough data to get daily weather forecast ? 

Last question, are tariffs comparable across providers no matter the country? we have looked into GLOBALTELESAT for UK. Anyone using a provider in France?

With thanks in advance,
Soraya & Thomas
Amel 54 #122
Cap d'Agde



Take a look at the mailasail website. It is specifically for long term cruisers. They will give you a patch which blocks all crawlers from uploading data to your computer other than the specific site that you want.
It literally saved me a fortune. Fleet broadband  is really dangerously expensive in the wrong hands.
The owner of mailasail is Ed Wildgoose and he is very knowledgable. I also found that changing from windows to safari gave me a much cleaner connection and was generally more efficient, therefore more economical.
If you are running maxsea  it will run on safari through bootcamp but the keystrokes become muddled so it is not worth the hassle. Macenc will give you easy navigating and clean downloads on safari with passage weather which was fairly accurate.
I ran a Fleet system from 2007 installed by Pochon in La Rochelle and used it a lot for business, the costs then were 1k to 1500 US $ per month, I only got the costs under control in 2011 after using mailasail. Prior to that my heart was in my mouth everytime I had to switch it on.
Skype, electronic book readers, any apps. on your laptop will automatically search for updates and you have know way of knowing until you disconnect and see that you have a ton of megabytes on your Thrane and Thrane dashboard.
Worst case was trying to download the Furuno radar manual off the coast of Africa, I managed to spend US $ 750 for zip!
Good luck.
Trevor Lusty
former owner Seafever
SM 425