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Alexander and all,
Thanks for the post re: marinas on the East Coast and for your reply to Ron and Ineke. I intend to sail from the Bahamas to the East Coast by late March on my Maramu #253 and enter the intracoastal waterway with a view to sailing as far up North as time permits (probably crossing the Atlantic by mid- or end of May). I would like to avoid southern Florida, Miami and the Fort Lauderdale area (crowded, expensive to all accounts) and rather hit the coast someway further North like Cape Canaveral or St Augustine even. Any advice?
Charles Macdonald
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Charles MacDonald <c.macdonald@...>

Many thanks to Joel, Stephanie, Paul and Susan and all for your valuable contributions to my life plans. I may indeed reconsider totally the waterway option. Maybe sail south towards Cathagena :-)
Seriously, I pat myself on the back for asking your (collective) advice. The waterway plan was designed to suit my wife who does not want, refuses absolutely, to sail the high seas. I am thinking of hiring a camping car.
In the meantime I am sailing next week or so from Martinique to the Bahamas. My boat is in le Marin now. Anyone of you birthing there (plenty of Amel yachts in le Marin)?.


PS: Joel, why are you calling my boat a SM 53? Is that a Maramu?