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In 2011 we were in Cochin, India when we decided that the risks in the IO, GoA, and Southern Red Sea were too high. We put together the first of many transport ships to the Med from that area. I was unsuccessful in convincing Scott Adams (QUEST) to join our transport ship. 10 days later Scott was dead along with his wife and two crew. I prepared information and charts that were used by the US Congress to evaluate the situation.

Since that time almost all commercial ships have armed security and the last pleasure yacht to transit the area did so in 2011. In 2011, ING and a Danish family and crew were captured and released about a year later after their government paid $3 million to Somali pirates. BTW, we were rafted to ING in Sri Lanka and got to know them before they were captured. Unfortunately, their release placed a $3 million price tag on any yacht traveling that area. This past few weeks we have seen the situation deteriorate in Yemen. It is very difficult to avoid Yemen on this route.

I really don't believe you will see any knowledgeable person transit this area for many years, and there is no evidence that things will get better. Don't be fooled by the lack of data on yacht attacks in this area.

Email me any time for questions and more information.

Bill Rouse
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Terence Singh

HI Bill and Judy, did you meet another Rally member by the name of Steven Sigauw on Aspen, from Colorado?
We use the same dentist in Denver and I was given a copy of his book Voyage into Hell. Very insightful read for both Dena and myself.
They travelled the same route we are taking across the Pacific and stopped at many of the places on our intended route.
What happens after Thailand is a very big question in our minds and is also not being taken lightly by the organizers of the BPO. Right now in our minds there is no option to go through the GOA so that leaves two options.
Sail the Indian Ocean to Cape-town (which is more probable) or ship Libby to the Med and resume from there.
Given the political instability in the Middle East in general we have no plans to transit this area.