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I have some small blisters since I purchased me 1985 Maramu 7 years ago.  I've always been told that they were small and just cosmetic.

This latest haul out in NZ I'm being told that I should have a complete osmosis repair and it could take 2 1/2-3 months for the hull dr dry out after grinding and before 3 coats of epoxy can be applied.  The cost is estimated to be $25,000 nzd.  

My question to other Maramu owners is, is this a common problem with older Maramu's?  Has anyone with a similar problem taken a different approach (like grinding the blisters individually yourself vs using a me jibe to skim off the entire chop layer of fiberglass.

Thanks for any input you can furnish.


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On my Sharki,  blisters were treated in 2012.  I have the boat out of the water for general maintenance right now. I'm sanding the bottom and and will be using Copper coat as the bottom paint.  That said, Copper Coat is a two part epoxy with ground copper as the leaching agent.  I figure with the bottom being treated for osmosis and the addition of Copper Coat I get double the protection from blistering. 
Just a thought.

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I had considerable blistering on Libertad when purchased but fortunately it turned out to be only in the antifoul as the last coat was incompatible with the previous one or the prep work was poorly executed.  I have been following this site for about ten years and in all that time I have not heard of widespread blistering on the Maramu, so I think I can safely say that blistering is not a common/major problem.

Sorry, can't comment on the repair process or the cost but my gut says 25K nzd seems a bit steep.  Perhaps NZL isn't the place for economical repairs it was five years ago.

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